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24 / 7  Emergency Service: 1-(800)-542-4427

Exeter: (559) 592-3154
Porterville: (559) 784-4715
Fresno Area: (559) 592-3154




Dairies have strict sanitation requirements in which their use of propane is instrumental. Dairy farmers use propane to sanitize milk and keep work areas and environments clean for the healthy production of milk.


Farmers use propane to heat and sanitize animal environments, and manage crops and weeds. Propane motors for Water Wells mean cleaner water with minimal pollutants. Poultry Houses are kept warm with the use of propane, as well as clean and sterile before baby chickens and turkeys move in. Farmers can also burn off weeds and dead crops safer than chemical solutions that can enter into the food.



Dehydrators use propane to dry fruits and nuts such as walnuts, prunes and grapes. Not all raisins are sun-dried. Some are put in dryers fueled by propane. Vegetables, milk, grains, wheat and beans can also be dehydrated, which is the process of removing the water to dry and preserve food.
Cotton Gins in order to maintain the continuity of cotton during the ginning process, the cottonseed must first be dried. Propane fuel is a preferred method used in the drying stage.

Wind Machines

We service Wind Machines in Tulare, Kings, Fresno, and Kern County

Rental Tanks

We offer propane rental tanks from 150 gallons to 1000 gallons

Purchases of diesel fuel used for farming activities or food processing  may qualify for partial tax exemptions.


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